Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Kitty Foxx: 1942-2006

I am very sad to announce that legendary adult star Kitty Foxx passed away in September, 2006. The news was broken by her long-time friend, Mrs. Zoe Zane:

That is all I know right know and it might take months or never to find out from
a very private source. She died in a rest home the same day as her step son
Mark. He had breathing problems. zoblogsThis is such a relief that Kitty does
not have to lay there for days and suffer. She is in a better place. I miss my
Kitty. She complained of living till 90. Many of her family members live long
but she got what she wanted. She did so much for our sex and was a great lady.
Love you Miss Kitty Foxx from Zoe Zanee.

More details as they come in.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Am in touch with Diana Richards

Just got a great email from one of my favorite mature ladies, Diana Richards. Not sure if she is still active, but she definitely is alive and kicking.

Here is her note:
Hi Steve: Glad you like my work.Thanks fot the compliments.I did love it very much,back in the day.Lights camera and cocks was so exciting.. You have to let me know what you want me to say about Kitty. What are you trying to accomplish? We had a very special relationship which I will not tarnish in any way. Love Diana

I responsed with the following:
Thanks so much for your response. It is such a treat to correspond with you.

My aim is to collect recollections from people who worked with Kitty Foxx about Kitty and post them in the blog. The blog is open to all and is a labor of love from a Kitty Foxx fan to Kitty.

Perhaps you can start with your recollections about the last time you worked with Kitty, before she fell ill. Did you know her husband Alan?

Thanks for your help. I love the photo. It would be great if you could take a picture of yourself with my blog about Kitty Foxx in the background. The url to the blog is:

Thanks again. You are again a great lady and I really do love your work.


Will keep you posted.

Kitty Foxx's web site was not that lucrative....

Here is more input from Zoe Zane about Kitty. Note the shocking revelation that "Kitty made about $1500/month off her web site"! Could that be true! All that hard work and those wonderful videos and all she managed to get was $1,500/month? Making money through adult site is hard work, it seems. There is no easy money, after all, even in sex! So, next time you frequent a web site you really like, especially if it is put up by an aging adult star, think about pitching in.

Here's Zoe Zane's feedback on Kitty.
Kitty Foxx had little feet as she and I walked around the AVN 2002 convention, the year before she went DOWN. Kitty and I walked around AVN to different vendors to push her videos. They said yes to Kitty Foxx Video. It took Alan a year to convert his computers to DVD. Kitty made about $1500/month off her web site. When you think about it that is not very much money. She complained they did not have enough money all the time. He ran the business out of one of the bedroom in her house for sex. It was a small operation but Alan was very dedicated and very good at what he did. To make it bigger, Alan needed to dupicate himself. Honestly, Alan just needed to THINK BIG. Some of the vendors were surprised that they waited so long to get out her own DVD movies. It takes money and a bigger picture. Eddie Daroo, owner of "Totally Tasteless" Aged to Perfection porn series, in San Bernadino, Ca., had 1000 VSH machines in a dust free room run by one guy to mass produce Aged to Perfection, etc. Eddie sold the business before DVD took off. He adored Kitty Foxx.

She did not talk crap from anyone. She had a way of being pleasant but no nonsense. She saw her fans, and they would try to take advantage of her time. Ya, can't blame them, they are dicks loving her puss, right! Hey, no bull shit here from me. It tell it like it I see it.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Recollections of a Kitty Foxx Fan....

A fan, Archie, emailed me his recollections on an encounter he had with Kitty Foxx a few years back.
Maybe I can help you out with info on Kitty Foxx. I did meet her once in Las Vegas at a bar named Jake's. She was there with other porn stars whose names I cannot remeber. We talked for a while and she remembered me from an e-mail that I send her in trying to locate the bar. The one thing that I rember about our meeting is she liked coffee and cigaretts. Kind of reminded me of a conehead on Saturday Night Live and would put out one cigarette and light up another. Then about a year and half ago, I was at the Las Vegas Red Rooster and met a woman by the name of Laura who was a hostess at the club . I had asked if she had any update on Kitty since her piture hung in the club and she told me how Kitty's husband Al had died and that Kitty was not in good shape at all. Laura also informed me to keep this information as low as possible since Kitty's web site was still operating at the time and they were trying to get as much revenue as possible with the member site & the VHS tapes & DVD's that were pushed on the site. I told her I would for one reason: I was from out of state on vacation and I figured that you are not going to bring up any conversation that you heard at a swinger's club about a porn star that was ill. I am only doing this now since the web site is down and Zoe Zane has posted this in the group. Hope this helps your blog.

More from Archie as he writes more....

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Zoe Zane's Response....

A rather rambling response from Zoe Zane. Noteworthy is that during shoots, "[Kitty Foxx] did not want anyone to out do her."
When I had my boobs done one side bleed really a lot and I almost died. I had to wait 12 months to get it set right. I ran around with a boob higher than the other one. It fucking hurt being lopsided. It was difficult for me the whole time. I also had them lifted so I had stitches around both nipples. It took over 1 1/2 years for the healing to completely finish. I did them at 52 years old after giving birth to 7 kids and losing weight from a long standing running injury. When you do porn bigger boobs work, most men love nice boobs. It took over 6 months for me to feel I done the right things, it was very extremely long and painful. When I did porn shoots with Kitty she was my queen and she did not want anyone to out do her. She told me that all the time so I made sure I would go below her energy and let her have all the glory THAT she deserved, earned and worked for. She deserves our utmost respect and love for everthing she did for the mature anything in the porn industry. She laid the foundation for porn stars to come, if they want to continue as a mature woman in the industry, like Nina Hartley. I can not compete with her. I have my own mission to fulfill. Also she had many lovers over 15,000. I will not mention how many I have done. It is a lot and I have reasons not to post how many. I do not want to out do her. That is very childish on my part. I set up the free pics from my member's web site for you to enjoy in memory of a loving, wonderful, sweet, mature woman Kitty Foxx. I miss my Kitty and so do many of you. She starred in over 300 movies and helped many people get to where they are today on the Net. My high energy has gotten me in trouble all my life and I have a sex therapist who has helped me accept and learn to use that energy. One of Kitty friend's Cassidy Coxx did not like my energy. Kitty told me and I feel bad about that. It is hard enough to do this busniness and make it happen. I just want to be friedns with a lot of people. That is how I am and sometimes others just do not see the picture. Oh well.

Will keep you posted on what else happens.

Kitty Foxx fan Criticizes Zoe Zane

Someone at the Zoe Zane group wrote the following in reaction to Zoe Zane's blurb that accompanies the pictures she posted recently:
Zoe I feel I am in need of setting you straight. You are a very good run of the mill porn star. Kitty Foxx is a legend. I have been following Kitty since her debut in 89. Fact one Kitty has been with 15,000 men have you. Please do not try to tell me you held back Kitty has and can run rings around you. I remember when you first came out with that weird looking chest. Kitty dominated that scene and every scene she was with you.If Kitty did pass and Dan as well be thankful you met her and she let you join her in her erotic ventures. When you have had 15,000 lovers then maybe you can sell this nonsense to your fans.

I will post Zoe's response, if one comes. Very interesting!

Zoe Zane posts some pictures for us....

Zoe Zane, a long time friend and colleague of Kitty Foxx, just posted some pictures from a "porn shoot" she did with Kitty in Kitty's house.

Here is the note from Zoe accompanying the pictures:
Porn shoots were a lot of fun with Kitty. I made sure we had a blast. I honored Kitty by not out doing her. She was my porn queen and I held my energy back in our porn shoots. It is a lot of work to set up these parties. Kitty did all the work to get the guys over to her house. Her house of porn does not exist anymore since 2005. In the pics from 1-14 Kitty and I did panty boy who has the huge dick. Pics 15-25 are with a former Las Vegas cop, Kitty found at Las Vegas Red Rooster. He was ready to quite the police department when he did a porn movie with Kitty. Kitty got a lot of publicity after fucking a real Las Vegas cop. The police department let him go because he lied about making a porn movie. He became a private detective after the department fired him.

Just a side note: I have had many firemen want to make
a porn movie with me.

I am hoping that Zoe will be able to help us out with more juicy tidbits about Kitty. I will keep you posted.